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4.4 out of 5 rating
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Our assignment

Rob Stenders, radio icon and one of the Netherlands’ most famous radio DJs, is a music lover through and through . So, it’s no surprise that he wanted to make his passion for music – and preferably less well-known, well-hidden gems – accessible to a wider audience. An audience that is as passionate about listening to music as he is.

At You Are Digital, radio is also deeply woven into our DNA. For example, Nick, the owner of You Are Digital (who is also involved  with radio and a huge music fan) has shared his hobby with Rob for some time now. So, this project was truly a joy to take on.


Our challenge

The desire to link up vintage ‘hard-to-find’ music and musical tastes from such radio legends as Lex Harding and Harry de Winter with a wider audience had to take shape. Rob has provided music streams for years. These now had to be bundled and given a conveniently archived location.

Stenders Music Service was born!

We had to find a place for various preferences within this single app. For example, Rob not only wants to share musical gems with his listeners via various music streams, but he also wants to make live broadcast available for replay.

The result

No sooner said than done! In the Stenders Music Service App, we collect a bunch of streams and you can also find and play Rob's broadcasts at any moment. What you'll find in the Stenders App:

  • Easy and clear station selection
  • Immediate playback of various music streams from the 1960s to the 1980s
  • Search Rob Stenders' live broadcasts chronologically and play them back
  • Broadcasts are added automatically so the list of programs is always up-to-date

And still, Rob is never finished. There are thousands of ideas waiting for a follow-up or new version of this app. So... stay tuned!

Update – February 2017 | New app for Rob Stenders!

As promised, we have something new! A brand-new version of the app is now available in the app stores.
This includes a brand-new design, rapid requests via the app and the added feature of Nathan’s Pop Quiz. This new app continues to be 100% enjoyment!


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“You Are Digital focused closely on the end product we had planned! They monitored the progress really well and we were able to work toward an exact delivery date. We also got very clear answers to questions, which at times were difficult."
Rob Stenders

These heroes contributed to this success

Joyce Lankhaar

By Joyce van der Zanden

Lead Projectmanager
Robin van Diem

By Robin van Diem

Art Director
Vadiem Janssens

By Vadiem Janssens

Front-end Developer