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Our assignment

Recruit a Student which was “born” in 1999, came about by accepting the challenge faced by many companies to “hurry-up or wait”. Since that time, founders Jaap and Remco have built the company into what will soon become an international franchise organisation.

The company provides suitable student candidates for all kinds of corporate sectors and work activities, allowing companies to accommodate their temporary needs for extra personnel.

Recruit a Student has worked hard for quite some time on its website and on being easy to find for both students and potential clients. In order to grow, they searched for an online strategy to increase leads, a strategy in which they prefer to maintain a leading role themselves in performing the work. You Are Digital turned out to offer the partnership for genuine “collaboration” that Remco and Jaap were looking for.

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Our challenge

In addition to support, this ambitious client also has a particularly great need to shoulder the online marketing activities itself (and this in all parts of the organisation since as a director, Remco works together alongside his team). This meant that we searched together for an approach in which everyone involved could respond flexibly to each other in order to achieve measurable results together.

Furthermore, knowledge transfer turned out to be of considerable importance for ensuring buy-in from the organisation about the approach.

The result

To kick off the collaboration, Recruit a Student and You Are Digital began with extremely intensive, half-day knowledge sessions. Knowledge was transferred in the form of workshops to the team members involved – particularly in the areas of SEO and page ranking. In this approach, it was important that the workshops were tailored specifically for this team, i.e. no one-size-fits-all stories.

The underlying principles were:
- The current level of knowledge
- The website's current status and quality
- Recruit a Student's objectives
- The prognosis drawn up beforehand

These workshops turned out to bear fruit, though the participants were at times short of breath from all of the information. They enabled the team to take the first giant steps for themselves.

The follow-up
In the meantime, we have startedon the follow-up segment. We have been working on a monthly basis and still together with the Recruit a Student team on the result with a focused allocation of tasks. The agreed KPIs, based on leads and conversion, are paramount for everyone and are pragmatic and measurable.

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“Informative, ‘hands-on”, extremely useful and immediately applicable to the site with visible results.”
Remco Beijer
Recruit a Student

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