How we work

Dedication, innovation, focus and commitment – these are the core values that we follow within our company and within our Team!
You'll notice it. In everything we do.
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You Are Digital at its core


We work hard. We are committed, reliable and always aim for the best results. Our dedication is immense, so we understand what drives you.


We are innovators. We make game-changers by being game-changers ourselves. We can be cheeky at times, but we are always honest and we ask the right questions.


We go straight to the heart of the matter and don’t stand for distractions. Our digital heroes always go for it.


We do what we promise. End of.

wij doen waar we goed in zijn

How we work

Every project is a bespoke project. After all, your wishes, requirements and challenges are different those of other companies and even those of your competitors. That’s why we provide an approach that is tailored to you, but which still follows proven structures and meets applicable standards!


Entire books have been written about agile/scrum. So we don’t need to repeat what’s been said before. What is important, however, is that we ensure a fitting final product by using this working method – within budget and with total control over the quality and choices that we make with you along with the way.

You always know where you stand at all times with our Team’s certified and experienced Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers.

Single point of contact

Experts in our Team collaborate on your project. However, you always have a single point of contact in the form of a Project Manager or internal Product Owner for your project.

Transparent and skilled

We are proud that we are always able to give you insight into what we are doing. However, also what we have done, where we are now and what still remains to be done. We do this in scrum/agile projects, but also in the subsequent phases of marketing and support.

You work with a skilled team that deploys the proper tools for giving you an insight into your project and its status.

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Game-changing > from start to finish

If you truly wish to make a difference, it takes more than just money and time. That’s why we like working together with you on your digital step forward at the earliest possible stage and for as long as possible.

It all starts with the concept and the strategy. Together, we determine the best solution.

  1. Getting acquainted
  2. Concept & Strategy
  3. Design & Processes
  4. Technical development
  5. Marketing & Project launch
  6. Long-term support

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